The Insight Series

for Yahoo7

Yahoo7, a partnership between search engine Yahoo and media company Seven, have access to a huge amount of data and insights into customer behaviour. They were itching to share this, but couldn’t quite work out how to best present it to their huge audience.

Yahoo7 came to us wanting to share their findings and create better understanding of particular habits in different industries.


Yahoo7 felt their audience would not respond well to one large research piece or white paper including all the data. Instead, we suggested that the content be broken up into bite-sized pieces which would be ‘drip fed’ to readers over a six month period.

The challenge was working out the best way to showcase the data so that it would be easy for their target audience to digest.

The content was not only broken into particular topics but also into eight powerpoint decks and five infographics. The infographics were simple one page overviews of each topic, and designed in a way that allowed the reader to take in a number of insights very quickly.


We designed the powerpoints as more detailed versions of the infographics, spread across a number of pages. They were created in Powerpoint, distributed via SlideShare and produced in PDFs to enable downloading and sharing from the Yahoo7 website

The content was designed clearly and concisely, and helped the Insights campaign have maximum impact.

The campaign was so popular that Yahoo7 have decided to release another series in 2017 with a fresh new look and feel.

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