Why you really really need a creative agency

Very few people start a renovation at home without getting some input from experts, even if they try and do some of the work themselves. Local council, neighbours and partners must be most relieved by our reliance on experts in this case.

When it comes to knocking down walls, it is pretty obvious why we need the help of professionals, or when we need root canal, or need an organ removed.

But when it comes to doing some creative thinking and brand development, it can be less obvious why you should enlist an expert. Especially when you have to justify the costs to the powers that be.

Over the years, agencies have been generally rather lapse in making a case for marketers parting with their ever-decreasing budgets. Case building is more important than ever before, in an age where every cent needs to be justified.

So, below we are arming you with some reasons why an agency is not a ‘nice to have,’ but rather they are as important and precious as a supporting wall in your home:

1 Creativity + Expertise = ROI

Adam Morgan from Adobe believes that a brand cannot get noticed, achieve stickiness, likeability or loyalty, without making people feel something, because our brains rely on emotion to make decisions. This is where agencies come in. He states that creative thinking is really the harnessing of emotion, and that emotion works best when combined with logic.

2 Get fresh perspective

Ever noticed how two people can look at the same problem, and come up with two completely different solutions? It was medically proven several years ago that additional brains, and therefore different perspectives, always deliver a better result. So sitting there trying to solve a problem in-house, may turn out to be less efficient, than bringing in help.

3 Contagious energy

Normally when you walk into an agency it feels and looks very different to your own office. This is no accident. Creative agencies house creative thinkers who take inspiration from their surrounds, and these offices have been designed to optimize the creative process. The good news for you is that this energy is transferred to your business, your brand and the specific problems you are trying to solve.

4 Ditching the corporate baggage.

Agency staff are not burdened by the day-to-day constraints of your business, and will therefore approach the problem without any corporate baggage. They are respectful of your circumstances and brand, but will naturally feel freer in their thinking, and thus deliver more creative solutions.

5 Agency staff are often measured on achieving your KPIs

Your agency team is measured internally against their ability to bring clients closer to their KPIs. Sure they enter creative awards, but their salaries and bonuses are also linked to how well your brand and yourself do.

So next time you are debating whether to bring in a creative agency to help with your brand, be confident in the fact that a good agency with the combined points mentioned above will in fact increase your ROI and ultimately be more efficient.

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