3 Easy Steps for Redefining Your Audience for LinkedIn Ads

There are many articles out there focusing on tips of how to organize or create your content in your LinkedIn Ads, which is great! But when it gets down to it, they all tell you only target your audience, and this blinds you to all the possibilities of what can be done. You can not only choose your audience but also see the statistics of how to segment or redefine your target audience.

So below you'll find 6 easy steps for redefining your LinkedIn Budget and Audience:

1. Choose your Target Audience

You can start with something general and redefine later, based on your findings.

Example: Marketing Professionals in Sydney​

Target Audience: +53k People

2. Determine your potential reach with different varieties

This data is not available at first sight, when you start selecting your options, your estimated audience will come up. So by choosing one by one, we got down to these numbers on how many people is per size of company and per Industry. This will help you choose a more refine audience and it may even change your mind from a size of company or industry that you wanted to target.

For example...

3. Specify your target based on your findings

With this information, you can know the whole panorama and redefine your audience while making wise and inform decisions.

Example: Marketing Professionals in Sydney from a company in the industry of Corporate Services for a company size from 10 to 500 employees.

New Target Audience: 5k People

Hopefully these three simple tips help you out with your next LinkedIn Campaign!


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