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for HP

In 2015 Hewlett-Packard made headlines when it split its global business into two smaller publicly traded companies: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP.

HP had to make huge changes and re-think the way they communicated with their business partners.

With over 250 partners in Australia who sell and distribute HP products, along with a database of 8,000+ people, it was important that HP’s audience were kept informed of HP news and events.

However, their partners hadn’t been engaging with their bi-monthly email because it was, as HP put it, “bland, corporate and hard to read”. They challenged Red Berry to revamp their eDM, in line with their new, more agile business culture.

Red Berry created an eDM for HP that looked great and was easy to read. It coupled clean, fresh design with engaging and digestible content.

I sketched out a few ideas of what I wanted and Red Berry were able to mould these rough concepts into a finished product - a product that was spot on. Red Berry know what they’re doing and it really shows.

Nathan Matthews,

Channel Marketing Manager, HP

With Red Berry’s help, the eDM open rates skyrocketed to an incredible


With click-through rates climbing by an impressive


The team at Redberry removed the stress of having to put on a creative hat. They ran with the brief and delivered exactly what I wanted

Nathan Matthews,

Channel Marketing Manager, HP

The eDM is distributed monthly and its engagement rates continue to climb.

HP’s first newly improved eDM included an article on HP workstations in space, and thanks to Redberry's editing and positioning the article became their top ranked story, receiving numerous social media shares.

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