Content Marketing Predictions & Trends Series  

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for LinkedIn

Launching a national campaign is big, but launching one across three regions simultaneously is absolutely huge.

LinkedIn conducted a series of studies highlighting trends in content marketing across the APAC region in 2017.


We showcased the studies’ predictions and trends in a series of eBooks. Each of the eBooks was tailored to specific countries, while also maintaining the LinkedIn global brand image.

The eBooks needed to feel like they were part of a series while each having their own unique country-specific look, feel, and content. 

We produced eBooks with high quality, human-centred imagery and bite sized infographics that shared the insights in a quick and concise way. LinkedIn came to us with quite detailed content that we were able to dissect and recreate into something that was much more visually appealing.

This was done by using local images featuring real people from each country that was studied.

When the eBooks were released they were a huge success. In India, one of the eBooks received more than 700 downloads in just the first day of the digital campaign. The eBooks received worldwide coverage, particularly in online trade press.

“Please give your team a round of high fives from me. The hard and gorgeous work they did is paying off!”

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