The ultimate proof of what you can do for your customer.
When done correctly, case studies are one of the most effective ways to prove your expertise. They can be compelling sales tools.

We’ll help you produce case studies that influence and impress. We believe there is no ‘standard’ way to present a case study. They can be very visual - heavy on images or videos with accompanying text. Or, they can be editorial based, and even feature quotes from your customer.

How do you best tell these stories? How do you make it clear exactly how your business has had a positive impact?

RedBerry Design - Case Studies Design
Types of Case Studies
Static Case Study

A simple PDF made up of text and images.

A downloadable resource that can be emailed and hosted on your website.

Interactive Case Studies

A more involved, interactive digital version of your case study that can be in the form of a custom landing page on your website. Made up of text, images and interactive elements such as videos, links, basic animation and sound bites, provoking a higher level of engagement.

We can help with
Deciding the best way to represent that story

Will it be copy based? Will it be short and snappy, centred around facts and data? How visual will it be? It all depends on the project being showcased and the audience you want to connect with.

Interviewing and curating the content
Creating the visuals to best represent and communicate the case study

Let’s make your case study real, human and credible. We’ll conduct client interviews, then pull out the salient points and best angles to highlight.

Even if you have great content and data to support your case study, visuals are what grab people’s attention. How the content is displayed decides whether the reader is engaged and responsive to the study, and that’s just as important as the content itself.

To compliment the above services we also offer...
RedBerry Design - Copy Creation, Editing and Articles



Now we’ve got you looking great, let’s nail your words/copy.

RedBerry Design - Translation Services



Maintain your brand's consistency no matter what language it’s in.

RedBerry Design - Photography and Images


Having the right images is just as important as your message. We’ll source or shoot the right images for you.